Why Air1


Innovative Solutions to Old Problems:

The world is recognizing the vast amount of aerial solutions that helicopters can offer. Today, electrical companies can achieve rapid construction of Power-Line “Grids” in remote and mountainous areas with minimum disruption to our environment, whilst keeping the bulk of their “Grids” out of sight and out of mind.

Helicopters are facilitating in the fight for the use of renewable energy resources by assisting Wind Generation and Solar Parks companies investigate remote terrain for suitable sites as well as transporting the materials to build such sites.


At the front of the helm we have our Captain guiding us through vast types of missions.

With 40 years of Helicopter Aviation experience, it is hard to find anyone more qualified. For our clients this means, unparalleled safety, tens of thousands of flight hours, vast experience on different types of helicopter, terrain, environments and mission.


Safety, Safety, Safety

– To offer our aerial solutions & services at the highest quality, on budget and on time

– To nurture, motivate and encourage our staff in their development in the field of aviation

– To respect our environment and implement practices to off-set any environmental impact our company makes