Mission 4 – Survey

Greece is known for its ancient historical sites and if you have had the chance to visit you will see hundreds of archeological sites across the Capital. Given the fragility of these sites, it is often better for archeologists to build a picture of how far the site expands to determine the best excavation methods. AIR 1 have been called upon to lend their expertise in such missions, allowing the rest of the world to see and appreciate how grand these wonders are.

In one such mission, the Greek Archeological Society requested Air 1’s assistance to carry out Aerial Survey and Mapping of several ancient sites allowing aerial photography with scale measurement helping to unravel the history of the sites.

Mount Athos is listed as not only a Greek Heritage Site but as a World Heritage Site, which most of us will never have be granted permission to witness the sacred peninsula in person, as the monks which occupythis sacred ground only grant a handful of visitors per year.

Air 1 were invited to capture the spectacular scenery and awe inspiring monastery’s, in the most up-to-datebook currently available, providing the globe with a rare opportunity to see this holy mountain.