Aerial Electrics & Energy

Power-Line Stringing

AIR 1 are the only company in Greece to perform aerial Power-line Stringing.

Power-line Stringing is a method of External Load were the helicopter effectively pulls the cables allowing rapid construction of electrical power grids. This method of construction Power-line grids allows access to remote terrain, mountainous areas and minimal down time of the grid. The pylons and poles to support the new Power-lines can also be transported and positioned in the relevant area and constructed from the air, along with any other materials and crew needed for the construction.

Power-Line Inspection & Maintenance

Using the unique ability of the MD 500E, to deploy optional equipment, we are able to attach a gyro-stabilized IR / UV camera, which has the capability of showing power losses along the ‘Grid’, by monitoring temperature differentials (Hot Spots). The inspections can be carried out quicker than more traditional methods and alert the supplying company to any problems fast. This ensures minimal downtime and service interruption.

Wind-Mill Parks, Renewable Energy Supplies & Weather Observation Equipment

Whilst assisting in the transportation of windmill blades and other alternative energy source supplies, the use of a helicopter allows access to remote terrain, mountains and ensures fasterset up of such facilities. This method also ensures we are not carving up our land or animal habitats in order to achieve the same goal with more traditional methods of transportation.