More About Us


Our main Head Offices are based in the hub of Piraeus & our fleet is parked and maintained in our 2 bases of Koropi (near Athens International Airport) and Serres (Northern Greece). Our private heliport and hanger is maintained 24 hrs per day, 7 days a week in a gated and secure complex.
Our locations and helicopter ground transportation put us in an ideal position to facilitate missions in Mainland Greece, the Greek Islands, Cyprus as well as other European countries.

Ground Transportation:

Our advanced helicopter Ground Transportation facility allows us to transport our fleet by ground (should time and cost be more beneficial by this method) to the closest location of mission execution.

Our high-tech Ground Transportation also includes a mobile heliport facility, if required for the mission.


The maintenance of our fleet is our mechanics responsibility in cooperation with European companies that provide us with technical support, according to the European Law of Maintenance Aircraft Material Part 145.